November 27, 2022

Curing The Sadness: No Browns on a Sunday

Wait a second…us Browns fans are supposed to be sad AFTER the game on Sunday and not before. However, with the current circumstances of no game this Sunday due to the previous Thursday Night matchup against the Denver Broncos, us Browns fans need something to make the day better. The team does have a matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers next Sunday. This week, here’s how you can feel great:

Understand The Healing

This Sunday, many of the Browns players have the opportunity to rest and recover from the slew of injuries that have plagued the team in recent weeks. Hopefully, some players can return with the extended 10-day break and be ready for the next game.

Watch Old Highlights

YouTube is great because they don’t have any weeks off. There are a plethora of Browns videos from the past that will make you smile no matter if there’s a game today or not. Like, for example, I’m going to watch Josh Cribbs’ return against the Steelers from way back when. That is the best!

Follow Fantasy Football More Intently 

There are still other games that will be on TV. You can watch those and root on your fantasy football players with greater intensity since there is no Browns Football to follow.

Call Your Grandma

This is very important to me. I want to give a shoutout to my amazing Grandma and Bubbe. My very own Bubbe was messaging me about the football games on TV last week and I was so impressed. She’s becoming a fan like us!

(Bubbe Marilyn on left, Grandma Annette on right)

Watch The ROCKY Movies

Duh. This is something that should be done every single day. The ROCKY Movies are my favorite and I will watch these over and over again. Today, without the Browns, I still have ROCKY. “Yo Adrian, I did it!!!” 


Taking that afternoon nap is always nice. Now, there is no Browns game in the way of it.

Apply to be a Cavs Writer for Cleveland Sports Talk!

What? How did this one slide in here!? Email me – if you want to write about the Cavs for the website!

Speaking of CST – Read our awesome articles! 

Visit the rest of the website and see all of the amazing content from the great writers there is to enjoy!

While there isn’t a game today to enjoy, there is plenty to make it through the day! Hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself with the tips I gave you. Go Browns! #DawgCheck #BuiltByFans

Lastly, there are certain “things” I did not mention in my tips that were we’ll say “inappropriate for the site.” I don’t want to get kicked out of the house by my family for sinning HAHA. If you want to go out of the box with your ideas, that’s on you!


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