Tue. Aug 20th, 2019

CST Writers’ Super Bowl Predictions

CST Writers were asked to predict the following:

Super Bowl Final Score 
MVP and stat line
Something Bizzare That Happens 
When will the Browns be in the Super Bowl?
What are you doing for the game?

Jack Iles: 41-31 Patriots. Brady MVP. Goff throws 2 interceptions. Browns won’t be in the super bowl for at least 4 years. Watching with dorm hall.

Jacob Linkous: 28-21 Rams
Goff 310 yards 4 TD
Gurley sub 30 yards
Going out to the bar!

James C Turner Jr.: Patriots 28-21
Brady MVP
Goff has more INT than TD
Browns Next 3 years 
Chilling at home unless that changes

Dan Lukas: 31-27 Pats 
Brady 350 yards 3 TDs 
Cardi B nip slip????
That’s a good question 
Getting drunk

Joshua Ungar: Rams 37-31
Robert Woods MVP 250 yards and 2 touchdowns 
Brady throwing an interception and it gets returned for a touchdown 
The Browns will be in the super bowl in 2024 against the 49ers
Celebrating my 22nd birthday with family

Angelo Romeo: Pats 44 Rams 35
James White 100+ rushing 100+ receiving 
Sean McVay and a ref collide
Browns will be in Super Bowl 57
Gonna be at a beach bar in Florida

Imari McPherson: Rams 31-27
CJ Anderson w/ 2 TDs 
Brady-McDaniels spat
Eating twice my weight in pizza and wings with family

Nicholas Pedone: Final Score 31-30 Patriots. Brady MVP. Game winning drive. Browns will be in SB 55. Watching the game with my friends & dad

Jacob Carrick: Pats 30-27
Brady wins MVP with 325 yards, 2 TDs
There will be a fake punt/field goal that will end in either big yards or a TD
Browns SB 2022
Will be at a friends’ apartment

Menachem Ickovitz: Patriots 27-21
Sony Michel 124 yards 2 TDs
Punt blocked
Enjoying a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

Shelley Harcar: Patriots 27 Rams 21 MVP Gronk 3 TD catches. Someone steals Brady’s MAGA hat & burns it during halftime. Browns Super Bowl in 2022 Watching the game with my guys & ordering Stromboli

Max Gold: Patriots 31 Rams 28 
MVP James White 11 REC 107 yards 2 TDs
Julian Edelman throws a 50+ yard TD pass
Browns will be there in 4 years
A friend is having a Super Bowl party

Dustin Nelson: -Patriots 31-27
-Brady MVP. 350 yards 2 TDS
-Patriots run more trick plays than Rams
-Browns in Super Bowl 4 years from now
-Watching the game at home and having people over

Blake Elkins: Jackson’s Prediction: The Rams
My Prediction: Rams 31 Patriots 27
MVP: Goff 31-41 340 3 TDs
Bizarre Moment: Ref blows an obvious missed call that will cost a team. 
I will be watching the 6-man NXT Tag team match at halftime… Drinking Dr Pepper on ice

Connor Kelley: Rams 38 pats 21
Gurley 180 total yards 2 TDs
National anthem singer forgets a word
Super bowl party

Zach Shafron: Patriots 31, Rams 17. Brady MVP 330 Yards, 3 TD’s, Tony Romo says something offensive, 2023, Super Bowl Party

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