We asked a few CST writers their responses to some very intriguing post-draft Browns questions! View them below and see if you share the same line of thinking! We all can agree that it was a very exciting draft weekend for the Browns! #WoofWoof

Which pick after DeShone Kizer was your favorite and why?

Kyle Shuki – My favorite pick after Kizer is Larry Ogunjobi from UNC Charlotte.  The Browns got torched this past year in the run game and that was because of lack of talent on the defensive line. Ogunjobi instantly adds a fresh, young, explosive body to the position.  He played primarily the nose tackle position in college but he seems like he could slide into DT 2 next to Danny Shelton.  I’m very excited to watch this kid.

Connor Kelley –  I like the Matthew Dayes pick in the 7th round. I feel like for that spot he will provide great value and a new dynamic to the running game. He has the ability to get by defenders at the hole and break away big runs and could be a decent pass-catcher out of the backfield as well.

What do you expect from the QB position this season?

Max Gold – Personally, I think quarterback expectations should be tempered this season. The Browns drafted DeShone Kizer in the second round, but don’t expect him to play barring any unforeseen circumstances. There is no pressure from the front office or the coaching staff to start from day one. Cleveland may not have a sure thing at quarterback, but they have three serviceable field generals. Kevin Hogan is currently on the roster and will probably be third string if he is still around. So that leaves Cody Kessler and Brock Osweiler to duke it out for the starting job.

Brock has experienced success in the NFL and has proved to be a great game manager. His success was helped by outstanding defenses (Houston, Denver) and dangerous weapons to throw to (Demaryius Thomas, DeAndre Hopkins). It has yet to be seen if Osweiler can win in Cleveland, but he has the most experience on the roster. Then, you have Kessler, who I’m pretty fond of. He doesn’t have a cannon for an arm, but he doesn’t turn the ball over. A stout defense can work wonders for a quarterback so Brock and Cody can be successful if the Browns defense improves. Expect decent stats from either QB, but don’t expect a ton of wins.

Kyle Shuki – The quarterback position should turn into something consistent this year.  I firmly believe that Cody Kessler will be the Week 1 starter and he will not look back.  Indications are that Kessler improved this offseason and I’m curious to see what he will be able to do with a refined offensive line and new weapons.  Deshone Kizer will have a chance to pull the starting job away from Kessler if Kizer has a great training camp and preseason, but I do not see that happening.  It is now Kessler’s offense and we should be confident in putting our trust in him!

What do you expect the outcome to be with Caleb Brantley?

Max Gold – The Brantley situation is a puzzling one. He is accused of punching a woman and knocking her unconscious. Why draft a guy who has a misdemeanor assault charge pending? Brantley had 31 tackles for a loss last year, that’s why. I’m not saying it’s justified, but he did enter a not guilty plea. If Brantley is cleared of any wrongdoing, then he will compete for a spot on the roster. If Brantley is found guilty, he will be sent packing.

Christian Hinton – From what I’ve heard, I believe Brantley will be cleared of his legal issues. Brantley is a quick and athletic DL that will help us more than many possibly give him credit for. He never gives up on any play or down. Do look for him to fight for every win.

What are your expectations for the Browns in 2017?

Christian Hinton – I don’t expect much from the browns, but I do think they can grab five or six wins. Look for their defense to keep them in games when it matters most, especially the DL. However, the lack of weapons on offense will hurt and that will be apparent. I say the browns go 4-12

Jason Thomas Urbanija – I think this squad will make great strides in 2017. The young talent is very promising and some very nice pieces are starting to come together. I think it’ll be another tough season, but not 1-15 tough. They’ll win a few more, play hard and show some flashes of what they can be capable of. But with the youth comes growing pains. It’ll be hard to watch at times, but they will be better. We must trust the process.

Which rookie will have the biggest season in 2017?

Jason Thomas Urbanija –  To me, the guy to make the biggest and immediate impact will be Myles Garrett. I know that’s probably the obvious answer, but with his skill set, he could be in for a memorable rookie season. Another guy I wouldn’t be surprised at making an impact is CB Howard Wilson out of Houston. Here’s a guy who ranked 13th in the nation with five interceptions in 2016. Any of these guys can step up big time; let’s hope they all contribute.

Connor Kelley – Jabrill Peppers will have the biggest season for the Browns this year. He will most likely start at the safety position and his presence will be felt there with his tackling ability. He will be able to return punts and kicks as well and I could see him having a few long returns and maybe even take a few back this year.


Thanks for reading! Go Browns!


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