CST Writers NFL Picks Article! 

Team with the best record (and what it is)

Team with the worst record (and what it is)

Sleeper Team

Super Bowl matchup and winner

MVP winner

Most disappointing player

Coach of the Year and Coach that gets fired

Rommel Thorpe:

Best Record – KC
Worst Record- Detroit
Sleeper – Browns/Titans
Super Bowl – KC/ Bucs or 49ers
MVP – cam
Disappointing Player – Brady
C.o.y. – Stefanski
Gets fired – Gase

Samuel Evans:

Best Record: KC 13-3
Worst Record: Jacksonville 2-14
Sleeper Team: Colts 10-6
Super Bowl: Baltimore 21 – 35 Seattle
MVP: Russell Wilson
Disappointing: Gronk
Coach of Year: Pete Carroll
Fired: Bruce Arians

Trevor Brown:

Best Record: KC 14-2
Worst Record: Washington 3-13
Sleeper Team: Detroit 10-6
Super Bowl: KC over Seattle 35-31
MVP: Patrick Mahomes
Disappointing: Tom Brady
Coach of Year: Andy Reid
Fired: Doug Marrone

Gabe Kovats 

Best record: Chiefs 14-2
Worst record: Jaguars 2-14
Sleeper: Browns/Colts (Both 11-5)
SB Matchup & Winner: Seahawks 28 – Chiefs 24
MVP Winner: Russell Wilson
Most disappointing player: Cam Newton
Coach of the year: Pete Carrol
Coach that gets fired: Adam Gase & Doug Marrone

Trevor Stapf 

Best record – Kansas City 13-3
Worst record – Jacksonville 2-14
Sleeper – Browns (11-5)
Super Bowl – Browns and SF
MVP – Baker, Wilson or Murray
Disappointing – Dak Prescott
Fired – Gase
COY – Stefanski

Steven P. Gill 

Best record – Chiefs 14-2
Worst record – Jags 1-15
Sleeper  – Arizona
Super Bowl – Chiefs/ Saints
MVP – Brees
Disappointing – Tannehill
Coach of the year – Stefanski
Fired – O’Brian

Zach Reger 

Best record: Chiefs 13-3
Worst record: Jags 2-14
Sleeper: Chargers
Super Bowl: Titans over Seahawks
MVP: Kyler
Disappointing: Todd Gurley
Coach of the Year: Mike Vrabel
Fired: Adam Gase

Mason Lawlor 

Best record: Chiefs 13-3
Worst record: Jags 1-15
Sleeper: Cowboys
Super Bowl: Saints over Chiefs
MVP: Drew Brees
Disappointing player: Gronk
Coach of Year: John Harbaugh
Fired Coach: Doug Marrone

Joel Queen 

Best record: Chiefs 12-4
Worst record: Jags 3-13
Sleeper: Detroit
Super Bowl: Chiefs over Bucs
MVP: Mahomes
Disappointing player: Clowney
CotY: Arians
Fired Coach: Gase


Compiled by: Zach Shafron

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