The Cleveland Sports Talk writers converged to write their opinion on the Defensive End Myles Garrett signing. Here is what they had to say below:

Khalil Brown: It was the most logical thing to do. He’s incredibly talented and will only get better. That and his age means they had to lock him up and pay him substantially. He’s worth the money and they know it. Also, they know that mess from last season was a one-off. It definitely shows they still believe in him as a person.

Mason Lawlor: It’s a promising and logical move to sign your best player long term at one of the most important positions. Kudos to Berry for realizing that.

Steven P. Gill: Appears to be a team-friendly deal. Because he still has two years left on his rookie contract, it doesn’t go into effect until 2022. Great to see the Browns finally keeping the first-round talent on the team. Garrett will be a force in the NFL for years to come and a Brown till 2026.

Samuel Evans: The Myles Garrett deal is a great football move. Garrett is an uber-talented player, his ability to blow up plays makes him a star player for the Browns for a long time to come. However, the last time Garrett was on a football field was the now infamous fight with Mason Rudolph. If Rudolph did say the racist things that Garrett said he did, then it’s understandable why Garrett would have wanted to hit him. Those statements have no place anywhere in this world. However, Garrett should have called him out on it post-game. When Garrett swung the helmet, a hard hit could have seriously injured or killed Rudolph. If Garrett hadn’t been on a football field, he would have been charged with assault. In Ohio, felony assault carries a potential sentence of anywhere from two to eight years in prison. On a football basis, this is a fantastic move. However, with two years remaining on Garrett’s contract, the Browns should have considered waiting a year before they offered the deal.

Trevor Stapf: Great move by Browns. Locking up their best player and showing they’re serious about competing now and in the coming future.

Andrew Baillargeon: Simply put, a Garrett extension has been inevitable at some point. Franchise players across the league scarcely ever refrain from an extension at least once with the team that drafted them, and that sentiment generally rings true across professional sports as well. Garrett is a special talent who anchors this team’s defense. Considering the market for his position, the contract is very mutually beneficial.


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