March 4, 2024

Browns Content Manager Rod Bluhm: The Browns continued to add players who can improve their roster on day three. They went on with a definite plan and a well thought out board and didn’t deviate. The Caleb Brantley pick is a low-risk pick. The Browns took a chance and their stance on the situation is smart. It could pay big dividends. The Browns proved that they were well-prepared and can handle a draft as well as any team. I feel comfortable giving them an A for the draft. I’m ready to see this team play!

Connor Kelley: I give the draft a high A. I like the picks of Peppers, Garrett, and Njoku and the 6th round pick of Brantley was great even though he has some off the field issues. If those get resolved and he can play that’s a great pick. Kizer’s value in the second round was great and they came away with an additional first round pick next year. Great job by the Browns. Truly a big step forward for this regime.

Mike Bartow: Loved it. Garrett is going to change our defense around by himself, but with the addition Ogunjobi and Brantley, our line is going to be disgusting. I personally think Brantley will end up over on Ogunjobi on the depth chart (if he solves his issues). There was no risk to that pick at all. I don’t understand why people are complaining about it. He is a 6th round pick that was supposed to go 1st or 2nd round before the incident. I think Gregg Williams is going to make Jabrill Peppers great. He is a perfect plug and play guy. Kizer is a stereotypical AFC North QB and I think Hue will mold him into a successful QB. Lastly, Zane Gonzalez was the best kicking prospect in the past few years. Thankfully, the Roberto Aguayo pick the year before made Zane fall in the draft and let CLE pick him.

Shelley Harcar: This was a great draft. I was happy to see they stuck to their plan and didn’t try to force anything stupid. Our defense should be unrecognizable in a great way and I hope all the Peppers haters can accept the fact that he is one of us now. Kizer can develop into a real force to be reckoned with in the future and was a great bargain. I’m hoping Brantley settles his off the field issues. If so, he should be an impact player sooner rather than later. This is the best draft I have seen is a very long time and I am actually feeling excited about the future. They get an A from me.

Zach Shafron: What a draft! The Browns accomplished so much in just a weekend. It started by sticking with their guns and drafting defense end Myles Garrett. Then, trading with Houston acquired the draft capital needed for sustained growth next year and the team still ended up drafting Jabrill Peppers at 25 *insert crying OSU fans here*. I also liked Cleveland jumping back into the first round to select David Njoku. He gives our QBs a big frame to throw to. I am a fan of quarterback DeShone Kizer only because the pick was at 52. He’s definitely a project but has the chance to become a great quarterback with coach Jackson’s tutelage. One critique of the team will be if Peppers doesn’t pan out as there were many great defensive backs available at 12 and the Browns went in a different direction. Another issue is the selection of Caleb Brantley who has had domestic violence issues. It’s a real bargain in the 6th round but that behavior shouldn’t be tolerated. Overall, I feel these picks put the Browns in the right direction and are a great start to a continuous rebuild. My grade is a solid B.


Image created by: Mike Bartow

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