Joshua Ungar: I’m just going to say, “2016.” Miocic winning the UFC heavyweight belt, Monsters winning the Calder Cup and the Cavaliers coming back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Warriors.

Gregg Senko: I don’t remember the year, but it was in the ’90s. I was at a July 3rd Indians game against the Twins with my dad at Jacob’s Field. Kirby Puckett was still playing then. I had thought it was odd that this was fireworks night and not July 4th. For whatever reason, that little tidbit annoyed me more than it should have.

Anyway, the Twins had a decent grip on the game, but the Tribe had managed to keep it close and eventually tied it up. Well, into extra innings, Paul Sorrento was at the plate with a man on. The time was 11:59 p.m. I have no idea what the pitch count was, but Sorrento ultimately connected on a fastball sending a grounder past the second baseman into the outfield which allowed the base runner to score and the place went nuts. Tribe wins. What added a little magic to all of this was Sorrento got that hit at exactly midnight. Hollywood couldn’t have written a better script. The fireworks went off as it was now the 4th of July. 🎆

This is the Cleveland sports memory that resonates with me the most and is the one I’m most thankful for.

Natalie Turk: I’m showing my age a bit but for me, it was Game 3 of the World Series against the Braves in ‘95. The Tribe hadn’t played a WS game in Cleveland in like 40 years. They were down in the series 2-0 and felt as if everyone in the media had already counted them out. The whole game was stressful. Eddie Murray hit a walk-off in 11th inning to win. I watched that game with my grandmother & she’s no longer with us, but she passed her love of baseball onto me. That game was magic.

Kenny Nichols: There are two things I think about all the time being my favorite Cleveland sports memories. The end of the 2016 Cavs Game 7 and the Rajai Davis home run. There were so many iconic moments at the end of the game that lead to the ending of the title drought and it was the best to finally see LeBron fulfill his promise with a championship. As for Rajai’s home run, I vividly remember him choking up on the bat against Chapman and hitting a missile over the left-field wall. Both those moments were incredible and I will never forget them.

Andrew J. Baillargeon: I’m most thankful for the Cavs’ 2016 Championship win. It was the first time I actually got to genuinely witness a Cleveland team succeed in my whole life. It, incidentally, will probably be the last time, but I’m glad and thankful that I got to see at least one before the day I die.

Zach Shafron: Memories that resonate with me for personal reasons tend to come to mind. I’m thinking of Frankie Lindor’s grand-slam against the Yankees (2017), also beating the Yankees in their first game in the new stadium (2009) and Bill Selby’s walk-off grand-slam against Rivera. Game 5 against Detroit in 2OT (2007). Of course, coming back from down 3-1 against the Warriors, Rajai Davis’ home run and those classics are also memorable! I am thankful just to be a Cleveland sports fan and all that has come with it!

Everyone, have a wonderful and meaningful Thanksgiving with family and friends! The CST Team greatly appreciates and is thankful for your consistent support!

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