CST Writers Give Browns/Raiders Predictions!

Cleveland Sports Talk writers were asked…

Final Score:

Biggest Overachiever:

Biggest Disappointment:

Game MVP:

What to Watch For:

Hot Take:

Kenny Nichols

31-27 Browns


The Linebackers and the biggest disappointment every Sunday… Andrew Sendejo

Kareem Hunt

Baker and the receiving corps post-OBJ

Harrison Bryant wins rookie of the week for the second week in a row

Samuel Evans

35-34 Browns

Mack Wilson

Andrew Sendejo

Myles Garrett

How well Baker spreads the ball around

Jarvis Landry bursts out for 100 yards and 2 touchdowns

Natalie Marie

31-29 Browns

Rashard Higgins

Myles Garrett

Jarvis Landry

Protection by O-Line

Browns’ defense holds Oakland to under 100 rushing yards

Zach Shafron

27-13 Browns

Hollywood Higgins

Kareem Hunt

Baker Mayfield

Which pass catchers step up without OBJ on field

Baker throws no picks

Joel Queen

35-17 Browns




Vernon’s response to trade rumors

Landry doesn’t throw a pass

Trevor Stapf

27-17 Browns

Olivier Vernon

Harrison Bryant

Baker Mayfield

Which receivers will step up in OBJ’s absence

Baker has a QBR above 97

John Suchan

33-28 Browns

Harrison Bryant

Our secondary

Offensive Line

Running the ball, Baker not trying to force plays

Hunt runs for over 100 yards plus catches 50 yards in receiving scores two touchdowns!

Steven P. Gill

33-17 Browns

Karl Joseph

Tight end coverage, again

Kareem Hunt

Turnover battle. When the Raiders lose the turnover battle, they’re 0-3.

Myles Garrett gets three sacks

Josh Widman

38-27 Browns

Harrison Bryant


Myles Garrett

Baker spreading the ball around

Rashard Higgins and David Njoku each score a TD






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