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Final Score:

Browns player of the game plus stats!

Most disappointing Browns player tonight…

One radical prediction!

What to watch for!


Rommel Thorpe

34-12 Browns
Kareem Hunt 125 2tds
Myles Garrett kills Joe Burrow in revenge..Mason Rudolph is next😂
Watch for the run game to explode

Samuel Evans

Browns 21-17
Myles Garrett, 2 sacks, Forced Fumble.
Kareem Hunt, less than 40 yards.
Parkey hits a 50+ yarder.
How frazzled can the Browns pass rush make Burrow?

Daniel Armani Adshead

35-17 Browns
Nick Chubb 18 carries, 115 yards 2 TDs
Andrew Sendejo
Baker 70%+ completions
The play of the OLine with 3 starters carrying injuries

Steven Maple

34-24 Browns.
Nick Chubb 21 carries 110 yards 1 TD
Obj. Got a bad feeling about it.
Baker won’t throw a pick!
Baker when moving off his first read, or on three-step drops under center. How much we run the ball and how the carries are split?

Gabe Kovats 

27-14 Browns win
Cody Parkey (misses 1 PAT)
Baker throws for 250+ yards
Baker getting into his groove again against a weak Bengals secondary, Myles goes off against bad Bengals O-Line

Trevor Stapf 

Browns 24 – 10
Myles Garrett – 3 sacks, forced fumble or Parkey – 3/3 on PAT and 1/1 on field goals
OBJ gets traded after the game or Baker loses starting job
Baker’s performance

Josh Widman
34-20 Browns
Nick Chubb 26 carries 128 yds, 2 total TD
The LB group
Odell has 6+ catches
Will the offense play like it’s capable of?, Will the defense perform better against an offense that doesn’t feature the reigning MVP?

Joel Queen 

Bengals 27-20
Chubb 16 carries 107 yards, 1 TD
OBJ’s fancy watch catches on a DB’s jersey
How many carries Chubb and Hunt get

Mason Lawlor 

23-20 Browns win!
Nick Chubb: 100+ yards and two TD’s
Odell disappoints
Stefanski calls a flea-flicker from his own end zone.
And watch for the Browns running game to explode.

Steven P. Gill 
Browns: 32-12
Chubb 20 carries, 124 yards, 2 TD’s
No missed kicks by Cody Parker.
The Browns offense will attack the middle of the Bengals defense with Hunt, Hooper and Bryant.

Zach Shafron
Browns win, 24-16
Baker: 280 yards, two TD’s and no ints – looks much more accurate
OBJ is not that involved still – has a decent game, though
Bengals are shutout in the second half
If the select few fans allowed in have any impact

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