March 4, 2024

Round 1 was quite thrilling for Browns fans! The team made three selections, traded down, traded in and acquired more draft capital in the process. Cleveland selected Texas A&M DE Myles Garrett #1 overall, Michigan S Jabrill Peppers #25 overall and Miami TE David Njoku at #29. Next year’s Houston Texans’ first and second round picks belong to the Browns as well. Here’s what the CST staff had to say about the night in Philly:

Browns Content Manager Rod Bluhm: “I’m thrilled with the Garrett pick. Trading down was painful, but the additional first rounder in ’18 gives them enough to get any QB next year. I’m not a Peppers fan, but I hope he fits well into Williams defense. Njoku could turn out to be a superb pick. It was an exciting night.” Grade: A-

Gerald Leb: “I am of course a Peppers fan and I don’t understand what people are worried about. I would say that he will help at S and change their special teams totally. Isn’t that good enough for ya?” Grade: 

Jake Linkous: “Exciting night! Glad they didn’t get too cute and try and do something different. Next season should be fun to watch although still a disaster. P.S. I really like the peppers pick.” Grade: B+

Kyle Shuki: “Interesting night and the Browns come away with three first rounders! Myles Garrett was a no-brainer, but the trade down intrigued me. I think the Browns know that their QB is in next year’s draft and they prepared for it. Jabrill is a playmaker on the defense and Njoku should produce in his first year. Grade B+

Max Gold: “I’m actually pretty thrilled with what the Cleveland Browns did in the first round. I was nervous about them screwing up the first pick, but I’m glad they were sold on Garrett. I was shocked when they traded down out of the 12 pick especially with Malik Hooker still on the board. I like Peppers though. I thought he was a late first round to second round pick after that diluted drug test. Also, Peppers is the perfect fit for Gregg Williams’ defense. I couldn’t believe the Browns traded back into the first round and selected Njoku. This kid has a very high ceiling. Grade: A-

Shelley Harcar:I am really happy and SO thankful that we got Garrett. (Jimmy came through with my puppy). I have a deep loathing for the Wolverines, but Peppers is on our side now, and I see him as really versatile, albeit a little undersized. I think Williams can work with him & I wouldn’t be too surprised to see him a little on special teams. I was flat out stunned that we picked Njoku but not disappointed. At the U he seemed like a solid team player with decent blocking skills to go along with his ability to run & catch. This is the best draft day I’ve seen in a really long time. I’m getting that scary hopeful feeling.” Grade: A-

Turner Maney: Awesome night all around. I was excited with Garrett of course. The Peppers pick really surprised me. I thought they were going to draft Reuben Foster at 25. Trading back up into the first was a smart move and we got an explosive TE out of it. Grade: A

Zach Shafron: “The Browns didn’t try to outsmart themselves or the league and took the right guy in DE Myles Garrett at #1. If he’s a bust, you can’t blame them for the pick. I think he’s going to be great for a decade. The trade down from 12 to 25 with Houston was clever. The team left a lot of talent on the board but did acquire a first and second next year. I like the Jabrill Peppers pick but I know the OSU writers hate him. I think he can be a Josh Cribbs-like player on figurative steroids. Finally, trading back into the first round to snag TE David Njoku was a brilliant move to help Cody Kessler have a big target over the middle of the field. Not much more one can ask for from VP of PO Sashi Brown, Hue Jackson and company. Let’s finish day two and three strong! Go Browns! Grade: A-



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