Back again with the second installment of the CST Weekly Wrap-Up! As always, every Sunday I’ll take a look back at the week that was in Cleveland sports, and make sure you guys didn’t miss anything.


The Tribe is starting to make waves. Sure, they once again went .500 this week, but they’re really starting to look good. The starting pitching is coming along, paging Corey Kluber, Corey Kluber, you’re starting to look like a Cy Young candidate. Not only has Kluber been sensational, but surprisingly strong outings from T.J. House combined with sufficient pitching out of Trevor Bauer, and a refreshed Josh Tomlin have given the Indians a threatening starting rotation.

The only thing missing is the “ace,” Justin Masterson. Big Masty has been so up-and-down it’s easy to see why the front office was cautious in negotiations with him before the season began. If Masterson returns to the form that we know and remains consistent, the Indians will climb the ladder slowly but surely.

After this week of good baseball, the Indians are no longer in last place in the AL Central, currently sitting in fourth place at 27-30, and own the best home record (18-11) in the American League. Once the team fixes it’s problems on the road, fans will be looking at a potential playoff run.


Other than the Indians, not much news on the Cleveland sports front other than speculation and rumors. As for the Cavs, on top of the New York Daily News report, among others, that reported the Cavs would not offer Kyrie Irving a max deal, it’s been reported by Sam Amico that they’ve had discussions with other teams about trading Irving. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Cavs will trade Irving, but they didn’t tell these teams “we’re not interested.”

That tells me that they plan on trying to see what they can get for Irving before the season begins, and possibly at the trade deadline in 2015. Or, maybe I’m wrong and they will try and ride it out and possibly lose their superstar point guard and receive nothing for him.

The next month or so of Cavs news will be all about Irving receiving an extension or not, and what the Cavs will do with the number one pick in the draft.


Why can’t we have nice things, Browns fans? Josh Gordon hits the headlines again in a negative way. Gordon was reportedly pulled over and cited for speeding while his passenger had marijuana in his possession. How many chances are the Browns going to give Gordon before they realize he is not going to change his ways? His talent is top tier, but his decision making almost makes his talent worthless because he will never get to showcase it if he keeps up the stupidity off of the field. It’s a tough situation, and hopefully Gordon gets some help and the Browns can make a smart decision about him soon.

There are also rumors that as soon as Gordon’s suspension for his last drug possession charge comes down, the team may make a trade for a number one wide receiver. This would be very good news, as the Browns have done some things to help the position (Austin, Bennett), but they still need a legitimate number one receiver. Of course the name Andre Johnson comes to mind, but perhaps another receiver like Michael Crabtree could be a possibility? Or maybe sign Jimmy Graham if he refuses the franchise tag from the Saints? Let’s hope for something, because it looks like the Browns could be without Gordon for a while.



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