Hey, CLEVELAND!!!! How about those Browns?

The Week 16 matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals was not nearly as close as the score would lead you to believe. Our Browns kept the Bengals off of the scoreboard until nearly five minutes into the 4th quarter.

Our team looked great and it was just damn fun to watch. Sweeping the Bengals for the first time since 2002 felt great. Everything about being a Browns fan is almost surreal these days. I even enjoy struggling to choose my Top Dawg.

There were almost as many options for my Dawg this week as Browns players on the field. Mayfield, Landry, Chubb…all turned in stellar performances. And, the D was incredible holding Cinci scoreless for a little over three-quarters of football.

After lots of thought, I’ve decided that the architect of this wildly exciting offense deserves to be the Week 16 Top Dawg, our offensive coordinator, Freddie Kitchens.

The turnaround under Kitchens’ leadership is just epic. Still, he remains unassuming, dreaming up bold plays that few coaches would have the guts to call. (Jarvis Landry’s 66-yard pass comes to mind) He has the support of his players who love the fact that Kitchens wants their input. I sincerely hope that Mr. Dorsey is as impressed with Kitchens direction as everyone else around Browns’ Town. I’d like to see Freddie Kitchens around town for a very long time.

So, for being the man who directs all of the offensive talent we are currently enjoying, Freddie Kitchens is the Week 16 Top Dawg.

2018 Top Dawgs:

Week 1: Denzel Ward – 2 INT
Week 2: Larry Ogunjobi – 2 Sacks
Week 3: Carlos Hyde – 2 TD’s 98 yards rushing
Week 4: Nick Chubb – 100+ yards rushing and two touchdowns
Week 5: Baker Mayfield – 25/43, 342 yards and a touchdown
Week 6: Britton Colquitt- 242 yards punting averaging 40.3 yards a punt
Week 7: Christian Kirksey- Fumble recovery and an interception
Week 8: Myles Garrett- Sacking and harassing the Q.B.
Week 9: Duke Johnson- Two touchdowns through the air
Week 10: Coach Gregg Williams- Steering the team in the right direction
Week 12: Damarious Randall- Interception and giving the ball to Hue
Week 13: Interior offense line- Protecting Baker Mayfield and containing J J Watt
Week 14 Jarvis Landry- 50+ yards in a single play receiving and rushing. Scored 2 TD’s
Week 15 Jabrill Peppers Int, deflected pass, game winning sack

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