Ian- I absolutely feel like this team can win with the current pieces that it has.  We have an All Star point guard in Kyrie Irving, a shooter in JR Smith, the best player in the world in Lebron James, Kevin Love who just needs to play basketball and a rim protector double-double machine in Timofey Mozgov.  If we could add just one more explosive piece off the bench I would feel better, but with Shumpert, TT, Delly, and shooters galore we are going to be just fine in a very ehhh Eastern Conference. Also, we’ll definitely be a tough matchup for any Western Conference foe.  I would like to see us add another big man, possibly Kendrick Perkins, if he promised to not be a pile of trash like he has been in OKC.  This Cavs team is built for a championship.

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