November 28, 2022


Ian- I would have to say my favorite trade in Cavs history is one that not many people realized.  It was probably because Chris Grant made the trade.  That is right; I said Chris Grant made a good trade.  On February 4, 2011, the Cavaliers traded Mo Williams and Jamario Moon to the LA Clippers for Baron Davis and an unprotected 1st Rd Pick.  That first round pick just so happened to turn into All Star Game MVP and Three Point Shootout Champion, Kyrie Irving.  Mo Williams had two average seasons for the Clippers but now plays for Charlotte. Jamario Moon probably calls you and asks you to buy insurance.  Cavs amnestied Davis, so he doesn’t count against our salary cap.  We get Kyrie Irving. That is the best Cavs trade of all time.  If we don’t do that, Lebron doesn’t come back.  So Chris Grant, thanks for playing, you scored a bucket with 40 seconds left when we are already up by 20.

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