Ian- As far as the trade deadline goes, and the Eastern Conference is concerned, the Miami Heat (activate every Cleveland fan puking all over themselves) are a team that will now be a tough out in the East,  IF IF IF IF Dwayne Wade can stay healthy.  With Wade (did I mention if healthy?), recently acquired Goran Dragic (who can relieve some of the ball handling pressures that D-Wade has to handle, Chris Bosh, Hassan Whiteside (I never thought I would be typing his name ever), and Luol Deng., the Heat are now a team with playoff experience, and they increased their chances at a playoff run with a very good guard in Goran Dragic.  I wouldn’t count the Heat out in the East any longer.

Teams out West whom the Cavs could potentially face in the Finals: The Blazers picking up Arron Afflalo was HUGE.  He is going to be the 6th man averaging 14.5 PPG, shooting 43-34-82 on a team that already has good guard play in Damian Lillard and Wesley Matthews.  A dark horse team who made great moves at the deadline was the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Ridding themselves of Kendrick Perkins (who might be joining the Cavaliers). Acquiring Enes Kanter who although is invisible on defense, but is most definitely an upgrade over Perkins.  Acquiring DJ Augustin was huge though and here is why.  Want to know who Kevin Durant’s PG at Texas was?  Augustin.  He is a serviceable PG who can run the second team, while adding Kyle Singler and his 41% from deep . Watch for the Thunder to make a playoff run as well.

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