April 14, 2024

8. How many years will it take for the Browns to turn it around?

“Infinity years? Okay, jokes aside, it could honestly take 3-4 years, with the right drafting and good free agent signings. I know what you’re thinking, no way the Browns can rebuild that quickly, to which I would say, look at the Raiders. They were essentially in the same position as the Browns back before the 2014 draft. Then they added Khalil Mack and Derek Carr, had another good draft in 2015, and brought in solid free agent acquisitions. Now, as the Raiders enter the 2016 season, many think that they can compete for a division title. First thing is first, of course, you need a quarterback to build around, and until the Browns find one, they will be in a constant rebuild.”

-Chris Sladoje

“I think it will take four years to turn this thing around. We are going young now, and it usually takes a player at least three years, on average, to get fully up to speed. Couple that with the learning curve for Hue and his staff and the time it will take to reallocate resources and we are looking at four years minimum before I expect the Browns to legitimately compete.”

-Chris Mcneil

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