April 14, 2024

7. Do you trust head coach Hue Jackson?

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“Do I trust Hue Jackson, well, at this point I don’t really have a choice, but yes, I do trust him. There is a reason he was the most sought-after coach on the market. Also, remember that Colin Kaepernick specifically said that he wanted to come to Cleveland to play under¬†coach Jackson. Then, there was Joe Thomas, who was seriously considering asking for a trade before Jackson was brought in. Once Jackson was in as coach, Thomas said he was excited to play for him. If all these players respect and trust Hue Jackson, then you better bet that I’m going to trust him as well.”

-Chris Sladoje

“I do trust Hue Jackson. I think he is respected round the league and has some of the swagger and cache the organization lacks overall. Free agents seem to like him and NFL people respect his coaching ability.”

-Chris McNeil

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