April 14, 2024

5. How can the culture be changed in Cleveland?

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“Wow. For the Browns, that’s a little tougher than for most teams. How do you teach a dog to speak English? There is no evident way to change the culture besides time, which no one in Cleveland has the patience for. We, as Browns fans, have been waiting for ages to get back to that prestigious era. We’ve transformed from being such a passionate and hopeful fan base to a desperate and impatient city. Cleveland needs to find people that help develop Cleveland football once again and the only way to find those people is through time. This doesn’t necessarily mean a new franchise quarterback or a blockbuster trade. This means a more dynamic franchise that is developed over time.”

-Max Alter

“The culture can be changed first by continuity in staff and second and ultimately by winning. Winning will only be achieved by building through the draft. Cashing in on top picks is vital. Having a coach who is seen as someone who will be around for the long term also establishes credibility which helps team culture.”

-Rod Bluhm

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