February 27, 2024

CST Round Table for the 2018 Cleveland Browns Season


3) How do you think the duo of Gordon and Landry will help the team’s lacking offense?

Shuki – Gordon and Landry will instantly make opposing teams defend the pass game as a top priority. Gordon will do well as a downfield threat and that should create room for Landry to get yards underneath. They’re a great duo.

Kozimer – The Browns offense should be leaps and bounds above what it has been the last few years. The perfect thing about these two on offense is that it will force defenses back, allowing the run game to reap the benefits of having a credible receiving threat.

Crowell – Gordon and Landry are immediately the best WR tandem in the NFL. That just goes to show how much better offensively this team is set to be. Especially when you pair them with a QB who’s as consistent as Tyrod Taylor, it’s going to be one heck of a season.


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