February 25, 2024

The CST Mailbag is back and we hope you had a happy and healthy Easter and Passover. We selected some great questions this week and cannot wait to see what you’ll have for us next week. To submit a question check out our Twitter account, @CLEsportsTalk on Thursday evenings.

In general, I am very happy with the Browns draft this year, but the Day 3 player I am looking forward to the most is LB Mack Wilson from Alabama. When the draft process started, I was hoping that the Browns could get him in the second or latest, third round. To be able to get a talented player like that in the fifth round is a steal. It is worthwhile asking why he lasted that long, but I am not worried about that right now.

If I could choose anyone to be the next head coach of the Cavs it would be former Cavs guard Mark Price. I have been a Mark Price fan since I was a kid and if you really think about it, hiring Price would make sense. First, he is a Cleveland icon as he played for the Cavs for most of his career and has his number retired by the team. Second, he has coached in college and the NBA, so he is capable of giving over information to players. He is currently an assistant coach with the Denver Nuggets and could have such a great impact on the Cavs next season. Third, he has helped numerous players with their shooting abilities. Guard Collin Sexton improved as the year went on, but under the guidance of Price, he could take a huge step forward. Additionally, if the Cavs can land Zion Williamson, Price can help with Zion’s shooting, which is the weakness in his game.

This is definitely a sentiment that many Browns fans are feeling. I wish I had the power to do something like that, but sadly, it is not in my arsenal. In the meantime, might I suggest checking our website often to see our great Browns content to tie you over until the season starts.

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