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CST Mailbag – March 31, 2019

This week’s Mailbag had some enjoyable and unique questions for us to choose from. We appreciate all those who asked questions and we hope to continue getting great questions as the weeks go on! If you would like to submit a question, check out our Twitter account, @CLEsportsTalk on Thursday evenings.

I think the Indians will go 89 – 73, which will be good enough to win the division. Obviously, this weekend’s series against the Twins did not go as any Indians fan would have planned, but they typically start slow. Give some time for Francisco Lindor and Jason Kipnis to come back and we will have a better understanding of what the offense will actually look like. I do think once Lindor and Kipnis return the Indians will start scoring more runs on a consistent basis.

No. While Bauer pitched well in a game the Indians won on Saturday, it’s not like Corey Kluber pitched poorly on Opening Day. I do think that Bauer will probably have a better season because he’s younger and has shown improvement over the last year and a half or so, however; Kluber is still a top of the league pitcher. Additionally, it should have come as no surprise that manager Terry Francona went with Kluber as Francona typically goes with his veterans, sometimes to a fault.

The real question is what team is willing to pay Lindor and is that a team we can trade him to? Depending on that will help figure out what top prospects the Indians can get. If the Dodgers are involved, OF Alex Verdugo would definitely need to be part of the compensation. If it’s the Mets, then 1B Pete Alonso and one of their top shortstops, Andres Gimenez or Ronny Mauricio would need to be part of the haul the Indians get back. Finally, if they trade with the Reds, pitcher Hunter Greene would be the big piece I’d expect back.

I’m not sure any position is on the “won’t draft” list as one of the big needs for the Browns currently is depth, so that puts every position in play. Early in the draft, I would expect the Browns to go after positions like safety and linebacker, where they are a little thinner. Additionally, I would be surprised if they draft a wide receiver or running back before the second of three 5th round picks they hold because those are spots they have more options at.

So that concludes another mailbag! See you next time!

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