CST Mailbag – March 10, 2019

Once again, there were some amazing questions submitted for this week’s mailbag and we chose the best of the best to answer. If you are interested in asking a question, check out our Twitter account, @CLEsportsTalk on Thursday evening. Now, onto this week’s questions!

At the moment, trading away Duke Johnson does not make any sense to me. Once the news on Kareen Hunt’s suspension is in I would be willing to discuss the idea of trading Johnson, but right now at this moment without any clue of how long Hunt will be out, I think the Browns have to keep Johnson. The other part of that is that the Browns have to do a better job using Johnson, which wasn’t the case last season.

If the Browns do decide to trade him, the benefits include that the Browns should be able to get a good return for him as he is on a good contract and hasn’t been overused recently, so he has “fresh legs.”

I don’t think it is going to happen. While getting OBJ may be fun and helpful to the offense, the big needs for the Browns are on defense. The Giants are in disarray right now, but they are not going to give OBJ away for a small package. The Browns would have to give up a lot for a player who will not help them as much as the myriad of players the Browns can acquired via the draft picks and cap space they’d have to use when getting OBJ.

I’m not sure this would happen, but I would like the Browns to make a move for cornerback Jalen Ramsey. The Jaguars are dumping salaries and Ramsey was somewhat of a malcontent on a bad Jaguars team last year. Bring him to Cleveland and allow him to team up with Denzel Ward and the Browns will have an amazing back end of the defense. If I am spending draft capital and cap space I want a difference maker on defense and Jalen Ramsey is that.

I think either LBs Jordan Hicks, Anthony Barr or K.J. Wright will be on the Browns next season. They aren’t getting talked about for a few reasons, most notably is that linebacker is a less impactful position than pass rusher or cornerback. For the Browns, getting a good linebacker like any of these three guys may be what is needed for new Browns DC Steve Wilks’ defense. When he was in Carolina, he has Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis and Shaq Thompson. Adding one of the three aforementioned linebackers to Christian Kirksey and Joe Schobert should give the Browns a top trio of linebackers.

Whatever the Browns do this off-season is about to get very interesting! Hope you enjoyed reading this week’s mailbag, see you next time!

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