CST Mailbag – April 7, 2019

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend. We took the three best questions we received this week and will be answering them below. If you would like to ask a question in a future week, check out our Twitter account, @CLEsportsTalk, on Thursday evenings.

I think that is something we won’t know until Draft Night. The only scenario where they do trade up to the 1st round is if a player that GM John Dorsey is high on starts to fall, then he may try to get into the first round. The best area to trade in is the 23 – 32 zone. One team to keep an eye out for trying to trade back is the Los Angeles Rams at pick #31. They have used a lot of draft picks over the past few season in trades and could use the opportunity to get a few picks back. If the Browns offer pick #49 plus one of the 5th round picks and a future pick, they may be able to go up to #31. That is similar compensation that the Philadelphia Eagles got last year from the Baltimore Ravens who moved up to pick #32 to draft their quarterback Lamar Jackson. The Browns may not even need to give up that much because they wouldn’t be going after a quarterback.

It is way too early to freak out about the season. The Indians always start slow. They are missing SS Francisco Lindor and 2B Jason Kipnis. While Kipnis is not the All-Star he was a few years ago, he is still a good player and definitely better than 2B Brad Miller. Also, they lost their first series against the Minnesota Twins. Many people were picking the Twins to win the division this year as they are a much improved team from last year. Losing the opening series to them stinks, but since then the Indians are playing much better and have won a few in a row. One series is not a microcosm on the whole season. Let’s let a month play out before we get concerned.

I’ll add this. There’s an old baseball adage that every team is going to win 54 games and lose 54 games. It’s what you do in the third set of 54 games that matter.

I don’t think so. Like I mentioned in the previous answer, I think it is important to not get too upset about early season struggles for the Indians. Both Kluber and Carrasco have pitched two games so far. Kluber is 0 – 2 while Carrasco is 1 – 1. Each of them had one really good game and one really lousy game. It is important to not only look at their records but realize that Kluber lost 1 – 0 on Opening Day, so his loss was because he had no run support, not because he pitched poorly. I think both will pitch well, barring injury. That being said, Trevor Bauer will probably have the best season of all the Indians starting pitchers and possibly even win the Cy Young Award.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s mailbag. We look forward to next week to see the amazing questions we are going to get!

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