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CST Mailbag: 1/27/19

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I do not think either will make the team. We know Jarvis Landry and Antonio Callaway will be back. There have been reports that the Browns are working on deals with Rashard Higgins and Breshad Perriman. Add to that a possible free agent and draft pick and I don’t see a scenario where either make the squad.

If I had to say one of them, I would pick Damion Ratley. Ratley started three games last season and had 13 catches for 144 yards. Additionally, he played well on special teams. As for Derrick Willies, he had one game where he made an impact and then was hurt for the rest of the season.

Browns running back Nick Chubb is primed for a big sophomore season. His rookie campaign was pretty impressive but now that he’ll be going into the season as the primary running back, I would say he will do a lot better than he did this past year. In 2018, he rushed for 996 yards and had 149 receiving yards while combining for 10 rushing and receiving touchdowns.

In 2019, I would expect for him to run for at least 1,500 yards and add 350 receiving yards with 16 touchdowns. Those may seem like lofty numbers, but when you consider he ran for 5.2 yards per attempt last season on less than 200 carries if he stays at that yards per attempt rate and has 250 attempts, he will be at 1,300 yards. It is not that out of the realm of possibility that he can reach these numbers.

I think bringing back relief pitcher Oliver Perez is a great move. I am concerned that he was the first player signed to a major league contract by the Indians this off-season. A lot has been made about the lack of moves from the Indians and this is doing little in changing that narrative. Also, Perez had an amazing season last year, I’m not so sure he can do it again.

In his 16 year career, which he spent as a starter and reliever, he had four seasons where his ERA was below 3.00, and last year was his best at 1.39. In 51 appearances last season he held opponents scoreless 46 times. I don’t think it would even be fair to him to expect those numbers again.

He does bring experience. He has been around some of the other members of the bullpen for a little time already and he can be helpful to some of the younger pitchers. I especially like the fact that the Indians signed him for one year with a vesting option for 2020. There’s no long-term commitment here and with Perez’s age I think that’s very beneficial to the team.

We hope you enjoyed this mailbag article. See you next week!

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