CST Browns Staff: Post-Draft Round Table


What position did the Browns fail to address in the draft?

Rod – The Browns failed to address defensive tackle after trading Danny Shelton. This can be seen as a vote of confidence to the players on the roster at that position. You have to feel that the Browns will create competition at DT prior to training camp.

Zach – This is a difficult question because I felt the Browns did a nice job at addressing the proper positions and the right place in the draft. I know everyone thought Bradley Chubb was going to be the pick at #4, so EDGE would be an answer. However, the team did draft Chad Thomas instead who is formidable. With wide receivers, there wasn’t as much of an urgency because of trading and extending Jarvis Landry, but we did take a gamble on Antonio Callaway. Baker Mayfield fills QB and Denzel Ward fills CB. Chubb fills RB and Austin Corbett fills out the offensive line. The linebacking core is solid and the team added Genard Avery to solidify that group. After going through all of that I believe that the Browns correctly addressed every position. This question can’t be truly answered until we see if one of these players BUST, which would make it a poor pick and ultimately a position group that ends up failing. Addressing is one thing but finding great players is another. I think the most likely to fail is Antonio Callaway due to his off the field issues. CB Denzel Ward has the most to prove because he was selected very high with B Chubb still on the board. If he stinks, everyone will look at that pick as a miserable failure.

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