CST Browns Staff: Post-Draft Round Table

What pick you most? Who did you want that was left on the board?

Menachem – I was surprised with Chad Thomas at 67. I felt like they could have drafted WR Michael Gallup, S Justin Reid or DT Harrison Phillips all of whom I think will be really good players.

Kyle – The Austin Corbett selection was a surprise for me. I knew that the Browns were looking for someone to replace Joe Thomas, but Corbett didn’t seem like the right guy for me. Most likely than not, he will be positioned as a guard early on, not at left tackle. The Corbett selection left Connor Williams on the board, who some analysts had better than Mike McGlinchey, who went in the first round to the 49ers. Also, I thought the Browns were originally going to take pass rusher Harold Landry from Boston College at 33. They opted to go Ward over DE Bradley Chubb in the first round and I thought this would have addressed the need. Of course, the Browns went DE Chad Thomas from Miami in the 3rd round to help add depth.

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