CST Browns Round Table Part Three

We conclude our Browns round table with a couple of questions about free agency and the draft!

How active do you expect the Browns to be in free agency?

Shelley Harcar – “Honestly, I hope they are active but smart, it’s way too soon into this rebuild to start tossing the baby out with the bath water.”

Jordan – “Again, this all depends on how the front office acts. In previous years, the GM and owner have made questionable decisions as far as the Browns free agency. Hopefully, Cleveland can find a few role players over the offseason.”

Chris Kozimer – “I really don’t know how active they’ll be in free agency. I do hope that the Browns get a deal with Pryor before the start of free agency, as he looked good after getting a whole season at WR. The Browns could use another vet on the offensive line and the free agency class at guard is pretty good this year. Outside of that, I don’t see the Browns making that many free agency moves, as they try to build a nucleus of young guys through the draft. I know that the Browns have a lot of money to spend, but it’s better to spend it smarter rather than sling it all around to try and bring in guys who only come because of it.”

Zach Shafron – “Very active. Players around the league respect and love coach Hue Jackson. Obviously, Cleveland is not the sexiest destination but I believe he can pull some talent here. First, the Browns must sign Terrelle Pryor and also Jamie Collins (or tag him). Losing Collins would be such a waste. Moreover, the team has an abundance of cap room that cannot just sit for another year. Take risks!”

Aaron Crowell – “I expect them to be very quiet, there’s a reason there’s $40 mil+ in cap space left every year.”

Brad Ward – “They will make some moves to fill in holes with NFL middle of the road starters. However, they won’t spend a ton. Hopefully, they use some cap room to bring back Pryor. Ideally, they are most active in free agency the offseason before they compete for a playoff spot. Should be used to improve a competitive team, when used properly.”

Deontae Simmons – “I think the Browns will try to sign some key players. Who exactly, I don’t know but they will try. I really think they’ll find a way to keep both Collins and Pryor on the team. And I think they could sneak in and grab two more players that can help the team succeed.”


What are your thoughts on the first pick and free agency? Let us know @ClesportsTalk.

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