When the Cleveland Crunch came back, I was overjoyed. Another Cleveland team back with championship prowess behind them. A new look, but the same attitude.

This New Crunch team is following the same model as the first generation of the Crunch and giving back to the community, but with a special partner. Christy LaPaglia, president of “Share A Vision,” a non-profit organization that has been in operation for twenty-five years and specializes in working with and enhancing the lives of children with autism and other special needs. One of their focuses is to take the children with special needs and their families to Disney World, paying for and taking care of every detail including flight, food, etc.

Unfortunately, due to covid, those trips could not happen. Instead, Share A Vision decided to give the Crunch a call and partner up for a CRUNCH CAMP. Many individuals involved with the Crunch work in the field of  Special Education, including Crunch vice president Luciano Ruscitto. To say this was a perfect time to give back to the community was an understatement. The seed of giving back to the kids as well as fans has been laid.

I spoke with “Share A Vision” president Christy LaPaglia after the camp and she was more than happy with the results and also had a message for other non-profit organizations in the city.

“Now that Share A Vision has developed a successful model, we are hoping that the Crunch continue to bring special needs camps to the Cleveland area. I also would like to challenge other non-profit organizations and local businesses who support special needs groups to sponsor a “CRUNCH CAMP” in their area by donating 8,000. This was a wonderful experience and seeing the smiles on those children’s faces is well worth it.”

For more information on “Share A Vision,” one can visit their website at To get in touch with the Crunch one can also visit their website at or their Facebook fan page “Cleveland Crunch”


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