Crazy NFL Kickoff Rule Proposal

Right now, being a Cleveland Browns fan is a little…dry. Sure, most of us will be watching the playoff games, but it’s just not the same when your team isn’t in them. That is why I came up with this rule while watching Wild Card Weekend.

This rule has to do with the kickoff, the ball itself and the elements. The strategy that is needed with this is big-time. It could truly determine the outcome of a game.

Here is the rule:

On a kickoff, if the ball (once placed on the tee) falls down, the other team starts the drive from that spot. It’s on the 35 already in field goal range.

However, a team can choose to have a holder in exchange for 15 yards added after the return.

Let’s take a look at the good and the bad from this new rule implementation:

The Good:

It adds a lot of drama to a rather boring part of the game in placing the ball for the kickoff. Additionally, the kicking team must decide if it’s worth it to hold the ball and take the penalty over risking it falling over and allowing the other team amazing field position.

The Bad:

It drastically changes a part of the game that has been in the NFL for many, many years.

A lot has to do with the elements and if it’s windy then it’s obviously going to be a lot easier for the ball to fall off than if it’s a nice day.

Look, there is no chance this rule will actually be implemented in the NFL. However, it was a fun little bit of nuance I like to have when the Browns and myself are sitting at home disappointed the team isn’t competing in the playoffs.

I’ve noticed a lot less drama and excitement since The Josh Cribbs Days of returning kicks for the Browns. Most just end up as a touchback or a short return with little action. The league, in some way, could use a tune-up to this part of the game.

Until next year, let’s keep our balls on the tee!


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