Could We See a LeBron Return to Cleveland?

          Now that Lebron James has signed a contract extension through 2023 to stay with the Lakers, it is clear that the all-time great is going to try and play one season with whoever drafts his son, Lebron James Jr., also known as “Bronny” James. As long as the Cavs stay near the bottom of the league standings, then the possibility arises.

          Could we see a LeBron return to Cleveland?

          It may seem like an unlikely possibility, but all the Cavs need to do is to continue to tank and have a dismal record until 2023, the year James Jr. could enter the draft if the NBA votes to allow 18 year-olds to be drafted. 

          Though 18-year-olds are currently not allowed to enter the draft, it seems like both the NBA Players Association and the league are willing to work to allow this rule to be changed. As of now, the current date both sides have agreed on to allow high schoolers to enter the draft would be 2022, which would make Bronny draft-eligible in 2023. Of course, Adam Silver and the NBPA would still need to make an agreement regarding this deal, but the chances of this not happening are slim to none.

          The easiest part of this plan is for the Cavs to be abysmal. The last time the Cavs made the playoffs without LeBron was 1998 and though there is a slight chance the Cavs can end that drought soon enough, don’t count on it. The real problem with this plan is getting a high enough pick to select James Jr. 

          Currently, James Jr. is the 25th ranked player in his class. That may seem low and you may be wondering, “Why would the Cavs have to get a top pick to select him?”

          What many think is holding back Bronny from a higher ranking has been a limited role on his current high school team, Sierra Canyon. The team was full of talented upperclassmen like BJ Boston and Terren Frank, which is why Bronny only played about 10-15 minutes per game last season. So as long as he progresses and receivers a bigger role on Sierra Canyon, he could quickly rise to the top of his class’ rankings. 

          Even if Bronny doesn’t end up being a top pick like many believe he will be, the Cavs should still make an effort to pick him later in the draft or sign him in the rare chance he ends up undrafted. If there is one thing any Cavs fan would be excited for, it is one last dance with LeBron James. 


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