Could the Unthinkable Happen?

I need everyone to understand with what I am about to say: The Cleveland Browns have a chance to the make the playoffs. Yes, I said it, the team that resides in the city of Cleveland. A team that before this year had won one game in two years and zero last year has a chance to do the unthinkable. As the Browns took out the Panthers 26-20, pushing their record to 5-7-1, CBS posted the playoff picture and under the section of “in the hunt” was the Browns.

The fact that the Browns have won five games this year after winning just once the previous two years combined seems to be considered by most Browns fans a good season in itself. Not only do the Browns have a chance to add to their win total which could go as high as eight, but that with a ton of help from the football gods – this team could actually make playoffs. Whether Browns do make the playoffs or not, the team has shown this year that they’re no longer the laughing stock.

So back to how the Browns can make the playoffs. It seems very unlikely that Cleveland could get in as a wildcard due to the number of teams that are ahead of them. However, the Browns have a chance to win the division. As I stated above, they would need some serious help from the football gods to pull off what would arguably be the most improbable story in NFL history. So, if Baker Mayfield wants to plant a division championship flag for “The Land” all the following must happen:

  1. Browns must win their remaining three games against Denver, Cincinnati and Baltimore.
  2. Pittsburgh must lose all three remaining games against New England, New Orleans and Cincinnati.
  3. Baltimore Ravens must lose one of their next two games against Tampa Bay and LA Chargers.

This looks easy when you read this, but the ole saying “easier said than done,” comes to mind.

Let this also sink in.

Say the Browns win out, the Steelers lose the next two games and who would hold the key to the Browns getting into the postseason?

Hue Jackson and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Image: CBS

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