March 3, 2024

A lot of people  like to point out the possibility that the NFL is rigged or scripted. These are my thoughts on the possibility if there is any truth to this…

Let me start by saying that I do not have any insider information. (Don’t want to get shot here haha).

But firstly, why would the NFL do this? It’s all about the money. The league would want the most popular teams in the biggest games on the biggest stage to make the most money for the top executives.

There is even a conspiracy that this whole Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship was created by the NFL in order to draw interest in the league from her giant fan base. “Swift’s relationship with Kelce and her appearances at Chiefs games has generated $331.5 million.” -QZ

That’s a lot of money and attention that has come the NFL’s way due to this relationship.

I just am unsure exactly how this would be possible to achieve successfully and here are the reasons why:

– People Talk. Even if the players and officials were directed to make the outcome a certain way, how would no one ever “come out” so to speak and spill the beans on what is happening?

– Too Many Factors. Every game, every play, every team. This in order to get the final outcome for the season, year, playoffs, Super Bowl, etc. It’s a lot.

Validity. While not everyone will agree, the NFL is a legitimate organization.

There is certainly the chance that there are lots of bad people in the league. Whether that be a referee, single player or coach that does not have the best of intentions. This is certainly not an entire league with a script for all.

Yes, a team such as the Kansas City Chiefs making the Super Bowl is what the “league would want.” That’s where all of this chatter is from, in part.

I wonder how exactly it would be possible for the NFL to execute this rigging and scripts without scandals breaking out.

Yes, it’s always classic to claim the NFL is rigged or scripted especially when your team loses.

Hey, NFL…

If you are rigged please make our Browns win the Super Bowl for once. That would be a fun time for us all here in Cleveland as we haven’t had one of those ever.

If this scandal ever did come out it would be an incredible job covering it up thus far. However, it would be extremely sad that the game we all love had been ruined by those involved.


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