It’s crazy, right?

Cavs point guard Donovan Mitchell averaged 29.3 points (48.4% shooting), 4.3 rebounds on 4.4 assists this year. He’s 26 years old, 6’1 and 215 pounds. Cleveland traded for him from the Utah Jazz in 2022.

“The Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz in exchange for Collin Sexton, Lauri Markkanen, Ochai Agbaji and a handful of draft picks over the next several years.”

  • 2025 first-round pick
  • 2026 pick swap
  • 2027 first-round pick
  • 2028 pick swap
  • 2029 first-round pick

Yes, Mitchell is a star, but this is my biggest problem with him right now. It’s…


Currently, Mitchell’s contract is five years for 163.3 million. The problem is he’s already played through three of those years. Thus, there are only two remaining and then he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2026.

If Donovan Mitchell signed an extension with the Cavs for more years after this current contract or it was guaranteed he was staying in Cleveland, well of course I would not want him traded. Say if he was going to be around until at least 2029. To give this team enough time to build a winner around the stud guard.

There are teams out there that would take Mitchell that want to win now this year and give up not just great players but also future draft picks. Some picks the Cavs lost in trades made in the past including the Mitchell deal.

The team drafted Emoni Bates with pick 49 in this past draft. Yes, the young man has some potential, but it’s unlikely he becomes a superstar.

I am writing this article with the intention of proposing an idea. Not at all demanding the team make this trade. 

It would have to be the right team, right picks, right players, right everything for the Cavs to even consider.

I just simply don’t see the Cavs winning with Mitchell as the star for the next two years. Once again, that is unless the team makes some other amazing moves to acquire great players to surround him and make this team a true contender this year.

Also, remember Mitchell low-key choked in the first-round playoff exit against the New York Knicks this past year. He had games with only 17 and 11 points respectively and just wasn’t the star we are all used to throughout his tenure in Cleveland.

Anyway, let’s see what happens and if the Cavs make any type of splash this offseason. Of course, this would be a HUGE one and I want readers to once again refer to the bold text in the sense that this is just an idea not a demand by any means.





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