February 27, 2024

Could Schwartz Hire Be Stefanski’s Ultimate Demise?


The Cleveland Browns just hired Jim Schwartz to be their defensive coordinator. This just after the team fired Joe Woods after a season of disappointment.

Jim Schwartz does have head coaching experience in the past. He was in charge of the Detroit Lions from 2009-2013. Albeit his overall record was 29-51 for those seasons. The best year was 2011 when the team went 10-6, made the playoffs and were unfortunately eliminated in the first round.

There were many here in Cleveland that thought the Browns, in addition to the Woods firing, would also let go of head coach Kevin Stefanski after the 7-10 finish to the year.

This is the question that remains…


How hot is Stefanski’s seat moving forward?

If the team starts the 2024 season with an 0-3 record, do the Browns fire him then? Or is there *still* some more leeway for the coach in the coming season.

Coach Stefanski

Browns HC Kevin Stefanski on DC Jim Schwartz: “We really believe he’s the guy to lead our defense. Excited to add him to the staff.”

Would the Browns end up considering a promotion of Jim Schwartz’s to head coach if the team continues to struggle next year? Obviously, the defense would have to be doing its part for this consideration.

The Browns have been searching for a great head coach since what seems like the beginning of time. This one in Stefanski with the help of Schwartz could end up being a winner in the coming years. Or the results could result in more disappointment and an ultimate firing. That would be where Jim Schwartz would become a head coach once again…

A team always needs a head coach (duh). This hiring as much as it to improve the defense could also serve as a security blanket for the future of this team if they struggle moving forward.

In a perfect world, the tandem of Stefanski and Schwartz will work together for many years to come and there will be *NO* adjustments that are needed. But we know our Browns and one always has to wonder what the future holds.

Schwartz said this in his opening press conference here in Cleveland. “You want to coach where fans are passionate…I feel a tremendous amount of responsibility to the fans to get this right…there’s only one place that could outdo that parade in Philadelphia and we’re right here.” 

What a quote.

But wait…I another guy from Philadelphia that could create something special…

Rocky Balboa!

Go Browns. One Super Bowl and then we go home. Either you get it or you don’t. 

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