Could Miller be the Answer at Shooting Guard?


The Cavaliers have gotten little production from the shooting guard position this year. Waiters has not fit in well and Marion has played well all around but isn’t the offensive threat he was in PHX. Mike Miller stepped up his game in Tuesday night’s win over Milwaukee after not seeing consistent playing time yet this year. He looked good on both ends of the floor and made a case for why he should get more playing time.

LeBron hinted before the game against Milwaukee that Miller should be getting more minutes. After not seeing any time in the 1st half, Miller played 17 minutes in the 2nd half. Miller made his presence felt on both ends of the court. He came down with 7 rebounds and a crucial 4th quarter block. He also hit two crucial threes when the Cavs needed the scoring.

Miller has the ability to space the floor in ways Marion and Waiters can’t due to his incredible range. His presence alone will create wider lanes for LeBron and Kyrie to drive to the basket. His individual defense will never be great, but he is an underrated team defender. Miller can make a case to start on this team. LeBron can always use an extra spot up shooter on the floor, and Miller has proven in his career he can be that guy. Marion could be useful off the bench given his versatility. He has not fully adjusted to playing with LeBron yet.

As the season progresses, I expect Miller to get his chance to start. He can make big shots when they matter most and he is a proven veteran. I agree with LeBron, it’s time to give Miller a shot.


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