It’s crazy to think about LeBron James in a different light besides basketball. After all, he is the greatest to ever play the game. Even so, way back in high school, LeBron did play football as a wide receiver in addition to basketball for St. Vincent St. Mary’s.

“Do I have college eligibility if I went to play another sport besides basketball,” James tweeted. “How does that rule work?”

Here’s the answer James was looking for:

“If you never enrolled full-time in college and didn’t compete in the sport that you want to play after HS graduation, you could have eligibility remaining,” OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith said in response to James. “If you professionalize in one sport, you can still be considered an amateur in another. Would love to help you!” – This via Yahoo Sports.

Woah, so after LeBron finishes his NFL Career, he could go ahead and enroll in college and play college football…

My question is, “Why wouldn’t LeBron just play in the NFL if he had the desire to play a different sport?” I get playing for Ohio State would be fun and all, plus he is a fan of the Buckeyes, but what about playing for the Cowboys or even…THE BROWNS!!!

Our home team can never have too many wide receivers…

I certainly do not question James’ ability to play football. Would he actually have to enroll in college classes at OSU if he wanted to be on the football team? This dude is a two billionaire and I don’t think he really needs to be in any class…

I can just imagine your average students sitting in class and LeBron in the back row of the classroom. Here’s why it makes some sort of sense:

First of all, he’s giant at 6’8 and 250 pounds. But, he’s currently 37 years old with a couple of years left on his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers on the basketball court.

Throw LeBron out wide with the Browns Deshaun Watson at quarterback and that could be a deadly duo.

LeBron in high school with SVSM

After all, Michael Jordan tried to become a professional baseball player and that almost serves as a stain on his illustrious career because he wasn’t so great at that particular sport.

LeBron could chill out recording commercials for NIKE and rack in the millions for the rest of his life. However, if he really does want to continue playing sports even after his basketball career is done it is possible.

I’d love to see it.

Imagine LeBron joining either college or professional football and being an absolutely dominant force. That would certainly top a sports career that is already fantastic.

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