April 20, 2024

Could Famous Jameis Garner More Hype Than Joe Flacco?


I saw the video of Famous Jameis Winston as the quarterback in college screaming to his troops about his hand shaped like a “W” and that got me fired up. It was clear that this guy means business and that’s awesome.

*I Won’t stop doing that to family and friends, but that’s another story. HAHA

Now, the Browns signed Winston to a deal worth up to $8.7M for a single season. The idea is for him to be the backup quarterback for Deshaun Watson who is the starter.

The hope for every team is the starting quarterback plays every game and the backups aren’t needed. This being that the starter doesn’t get hurt or struggle so much the franchise has to turn to a backup.

With the Browns, unfortunately, there’s a chance that both of these happen with Watson. Or he gets suspended for doing some more dumb shit but that’s another story.

The fact is that Watson could simply struggle so much that the team has to turn to the backup. Another reason is because of Watson’s shoulder issues, he may get injured and this would lead the team to start Winston.

That’s why the backup quarterback matters so much. We saw it last year when Flacco led the Browns to the playoffs because Watson got hurt. Again, no one desires to have to turn to the backup at really any position but especially quarterback. That time it worked out.

It’s certainly a “wait and see” type of deal this season to find out if Winston even gets an opportunity the play. It’s odd because if he doesn’t play that means it was a great season for the franchise.

If I had to choose…it would be Flacco over Winston. Yet as time continues on I’m starting to be fine with Winston getting that backup job.

In ’23, Winston played seven games and went 25/47 for 264 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions. This same year Flacco played five games for the Browns and went 123/204, 1,616 yards, 13 touchdowns to eight interceptions.

I mean Flacco did go 4-1 as the starter in Cleveland. He did lose the one playoff game.

I believe that if given the opportunity to start the same amount of games Flacco did that Winston will be able to prove himself in the same fashion Flacco did.

Flacco had a great defense helping him and got a lot of what one could even call luck in various games to get such a winning record. Winston will have a similar roster and a team that’s ready to once again win.

It’s nice to have the comfort of a solid backup and as stated is even better to not have to use one. We’ll see if Winston ends up winning games and garnering the intense love this city gave Joe Flacco.

Lastly and I recently wrote about this… I wouldn’t count Deshaun Watson out just yet. I feel there’s a chance he could still prove himself. There are just many questions to be answered in the future.

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