Could Deshaun Watson Be Banned Forever From The NFL?


It’s taking forever.

When is an announcement about quarterback Deshaun Watson’s suspension going to come out?

Looking at the title of this piece and most readers probably scoff at the idea that Watson would get suspended forever and never be allowed to play again. Honestly, weeks ago and I probably would’ve laughed at this idea myself. Here’s why I bring it up to everyone.

Let’s take a look at a different league in the MLB and pitcher Trevor Bauer (a really good pitcher for then-Indians in past). He actually just got suspended for two full seasons by the league. Now, that’s not forever, but it’s huge.

Trevor Bauer on the Then-Indians.

Then, there is the entire running back Ray Rice situation. That player abused women and the NFL was soft with a lack of punishment and it caused a huge backlash by fans. Only a two-game suspension.

Ray Rice

Shifting to Deshaun Watson and the NFL has so much to consider. Probably why it’s taking so long for an announcement. If I was in charge of the NFL, this is what I would consider. (Taking away the fact that I’m a die-hard Browns fan)

No matter the amount of games Watson is suspended, that suspension will eventually end. He will come back and play on the field in live-action in front of fans that are either paying to watch in the stadium or on TV.

Eight games.

Ten games.

A full-season.

It will eventually finish.

Thus, this is where the title of the article makes sense. No matter the outcome of the 24 lawsuits and those will hang over Watson forever. The NFL will have to deal with fans that are absolutely disgusted with what he did (even if it’s alleged) and it’s not something that will go away.

If the league suspends Watson forever that problem goes away. They don’t have to defend themselves and whatever decision is made moving forward.

Now, as I said I’m a die-hard Browns fan.  I want Watson to play this season and in the future. This article is coming from the angle of what the NFL would have to deal with in the future. They’d certainly have to determine if Watson is worth all the negativity that is going to come back after said suspension.

The Browns themselves have to deal with it as well because they signed the guy to a contract for five years worth 230 million dollars. Even so, the excitement for the Browns is clearly higher now than it has been in the past.

It’s a lot to take in and the Browns said they did their research before signing the guy. We will see how all of this plays out and what happens in the future. It’s going to be wild.


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