There have been reports across the media that the Browns have been in talks with former Cleveland quarterback Joe Flacco. This is as the young players work at the combine. Check this out:

Via NBC: Per a league source, a reunion with the Browns is Flacco’s first choice. He loves playing there — the team, the city, the fans, everything. The two sides met regarding the possibility last week, at the Scouting Combine.

Scandalous! Meeting with the Browns without anyone knowing.

Did he call an Uber?

The common understanding by fans is that the team was ready to go back to Deshaun Watson as the starting quarterback this year with him recovering from the shoulder injury. That the fun with Flacco was great but it wasn’t going to be something to continue on in the coming years.

Now, Flacco is a free agent and can sign with any team he wants.

Yes, having a viable backup quarterback is important for any great squad to have and that is important moving forward. Even so, it was thought that teams across the league would have an interest in Flacco to be their starting quarterback. And this being if Flacco didn’t just retire.


Certainly, it would be great for the Browns to have that security blanket on the team because of Watson’s injury or suspension rumors and whatnot.

The first problem, if this signing happened, would be the debate on whether Watson should still automatically be the starter or if there should be a competition between the two. Then the threat Watson may feel if he was the starter with Flacco on the roster to for the year. Also if Watson just simply didn’t feel like “the man” because of bringing back Flacco.

The love for Flacco compared to Watson is incredible. To bring back the quarterback who led the Browns to the playoffs would be very exciting yet it would also make for a lot of controversy and distractions. Not sure that would be the best choice for the team.

Flacco is 39 and bad memories of that playoff game are still there. A reminder that the quarterback is human…

It’ll be interesting to see if any other teams offer Flacco something more appealing and if the Browns would be willing to match that or give more. The team is tight with the salary cap as pointed out all off-season.

Many say the Watson trade was the worst in history. This was supposed to be his year to make up for that and lead this team all the way. That may not be the case if these talks amount to anything.

It’s a waiting game here in Cleveland, that’s for sure.

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