Costly Mistake By Indians Great Leads to Loss

The Indians had a chance to win with the score tied at six in the 9th inning. Fransisco Lindor had just doubled in the tying run and everyone was ecstatic. All the team had to do was get him home and it would be yet another thrilling win for the Tribe…

Except Lindor decided to try and steal third with one out and got thrown out on a headfirst slide, which subsequently emptied the bases and put a second out on the board.

Out at third..

His thought process was that if he made it to third base, all it would take it a sac-fly by Oscar Mercado to score the winning run 90 feet away. Ironically, Mercado made the third out on a fly ball to right (would’ve likely won the game had Lindor made it safely).

Jackie Bradley Jr. hit a solo shot in the 10th and the Red Sox ended up winning, 7-6. There was another questionable bunt, too. However, it wasn’t as bad as what Lindor did.

In fairness, if Lindor made it safely and was hit home to win the game – he’s even more of a hero.

Regardless, this is the best player on our team. Everyone makes mistakes and he was trying to make something great happen. It’s not like anyone should hold a grudge on him like Earnest Byner for “The Fumble” or anything like that…

Let’s take the rubber match and win this series.

Go Tribe.

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