December 8, 2023

Reliable reporter Josina Anderson tweeting this about Deshaun Watson and it has me confused…

“I’m told there’ve been recent attempts by the NFL, the NFLPA & Deshaun Watson’s advisors to negotiate a discipline settlement. However talks involving a potential number of games missed “fell apart” not being on the same page. As of now, process moves forward, per league sources.”, pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

— IG: JosinaAnderson (@JosinaAnderson) June 23, 2022

Essentially, it appears that the NFLPA and Deshaun Watson himself are working together to negotiate a punishment suitable for both parties.

This is confusing to me because I just assumed that the NFL would decide a suspension for Watson, hand it down and that would be that for this never-ending circus.

When I was a little boy and did something wrong, my parents didn’t sit with me and say, “Zach we’re thinking of giving you 5-7 days of grounding. Is that okay with you or would you rather 3-5 days with a cleaning the kitchen clause?”

Now, negotiation is common in lots of things and that’s not the issue here. The problem is that there clearly is more to this and the NFL knows it.

The NFL would’ve just handed down a suspension of say a full season and we all could move on. What appears to be clear is that the NFLPA has lots of arguments against any type of suspension for Watson. Whether this be with various owners that have committed indiscretions or other coaches, players etc.

The talks “fell apart” because the Watson team and NFLPA know they can get a great deal if they keep pushing with these arguments.

Recently, Watson settled 20 of 24 cases in civil suits. Typically the terms of a civil suit contain no admission of fault but the perception is that someone who settles appears guilty.

Via Newsweek: During an introductory press conference after the trade to the Browns became official, Watson was asked if he has any plans to settle the 22 (at the time) civil suits that he is facing accusing him of alleged sexual misconduct.

“That’s not my intent,” Watson said in response. “My intent is to continue to clear my name as much as possible and that’s what I’m focused on.”

Interestingly enough, the quarterback did the exact opposite and there has to be a reason involving the NFL giving a little “nudge” to try and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

As the groups continue to negotiate, my understanding is that Watson will find himself with a good deal from the NFL. This is much different from in past weeks when I wondered if there’s a chance he gets suspended for life. No way that is the case now as this all has unfolded.

Well, let’s see if this ever gets resolved.

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