The Browns have a problem. No this is not one that can be fixed by going to classes or a group. This problem has to do with kicker Cade York and his reliability as a member of the team.

York missed two kicks for the chance to end the game against the Eagles being that the score was 18-10 Browns with little time left. The Eagles lined up illegally, hence the second chance being even a possibility which was also a miss.

This was York after the game via Cleveland dot com:

“Confidence is never going to be an issue for me,” York said. “Bounced back every week, but definitely was moving in the right direction. Again, trying to take off at the right time of the year. I don’t think the preseason so far has been a good indication of how I’ve been kicking so far. I mean, in training camp it only means so much, but I think I’ve missed one kick out of like 40, 45. Still hitting the ball well. I’ve just had that right miss a couple times and just got to pull it back down the middle and keep going.”

Here’s the thing with a kicker. He’s not a problem until he is one. What I mean by that is no one cares about a kicker when he makes the kick. It’s about having that opportunity late in the game to win the game with a field goal that everyone is counting on. One sails that right and loses the game and it creates a frenzy.

York has the talent. Just like he did show by hitting the first three kicks in the game. However, it’s those two misses show to York isn’t to be trusted.

Even so, it looks like the Browns are going with York to at least start the regular season. It will be interesting to see how he does if given any opportunities in the final preseason game against the Chiefs.

Just imagine…

Monday Night in Pittsburgh on September 18 (Week 2). The score is 21-20 with the Steelers leading and the Browns have a chance to win the game with the ball on the 30-yard line and three seconds left.

“Snap is back, kick is up on the way and it is…OFF THE RIGHT BAR – NO GOOD!” 

How miserable would that be for the Browns and fans? Yeah, that’s what may be a potential outcome if this kicker in Cade York remains.

Let’s see if the Browns end up making any changes before the season starts with the kicker position. Any misses in the final preseason game and the team may change its mind.


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