Comparing “Brain On Fire” Young Lady to “Misunderstood” Zach

I read it.

It took me only a single day to finish Susannah Cahalan’s book Brain on Fire. What an amazing read that went through the story of a young, astute and confident journalist, whose life was flipped upside down with terrifying symptoms that temporarily ruined her career and kept her in the hospital for a month.

Sound familiar?

Well, maybe not. Unless you know me personally. However, I went and am continuing to go through a similar experience to Susannah’s and this hit close to home for a number of reasons.

Now, my book Misunderstood is not a best-seller and wasn’t made into a motion picture like her story, but I saw a lot of striking similarities.

The first is that we are both writers. She wrote and continues to write for The New York Post and I write for, well, you’re looking at it.

Her family was so supportive of her situation and fought for her help no matter the circumstances. My family has done the same for me.

There was so much unknown in her story as she continued to deteriorate. Similarly to me, I had so many horrific symptoms and no answers as to what was causing them. With her, the doctors were lucky enough to find the source. For me, some treatments have helped in some ways, but I am still looking for that answer. That feeling of not knowing is one of the worst things in the world.

Obviously, we both want to help others in our situations. Susannah is now out speaking in various places, started a non-profit for her disease and wants to make her recovery a story that can help many other people. I wrote my book to give those that needed strength a little extra encouragement, albeit I am still searching for answers myself.


Susannah had one really bad month (not to say her struggles weren’t longer than that), whereas I’ve had a couple of tough years.

She’s a girl and was a few years older than me at her worst time.

She found an answer, whereas I do not have that yet…

Our symptoms were not all the same.

She went to hospitals in New York, whereas I went to those in Cleveland.

Her book is way more popular and became a movie. But I believe both have inspired others!


After reading Brain on Fire, I have such a profound admiration for Susannah, her family and friends. It gives me hope that I have a bright future for myself and I may find answers soon.

You can read my book: HERE

More info on “Brain on Fire” – HERE

***I am not a medical professional by any means! If you have any symptoms and are reading this, please seek help from your doctor 🙂

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