February 25, 2024

To the surprise of many a Browns fan, there’s been quite a bit of movement in the coaching staff so far this off-season. After the defense fell apart in the wildcard game, I didn’t expect almost wholesale changes on the offensive staff. Afterall, the Browns managed to win eleven games starting four quarterbacks, starting their fourth and fifth tackles and missing the best running back in the league. In the normal business world, raises and promotions would be in order. But this year, the Browns are expected to improve in 2024, possibly win the division and make a much deeper run in the post season. For those who haven’t kept track, here’s the scorecard.

Gone: OC Alex Van Pelt, RB coach Stump Mitchell, TE coach T.C. McCartney and OL coach Bill Callahan.

The surprise in this group is Mitchell. Everybody loved his beard, as did I, but the running game did falter after Chubb got hurt. While everyone knows head coach Kevin Stefanski calls the plays, Van Pelt did the game planning for the week and was a valuable resource on the sidelines during games. He did attempt to leave once (OC for University of Pittsburg). As for McCartney, after Njoku, did the other two tight ends really thrill anyone? The one that really hurts is Callahan. I can’t blame him for wanting to coach with his son. I worked with both my parents and at times it was trying, but most of the time it was rewarding. It will be interesting to see what title the Titans give Callahan. If it’s a lateral move, they may owe the Browns a late-round draft pick. I bet they add assistant head coach to his official title.

In (so far): OC Ken Dorsey, RB coach Duce Staley, TE coach Jimmy Rees. DL coach Jacques Cesaire.

I love the Staley hire. I bet he was brought into light a fire under Jerome Ford. He’ll teach him to be more aggressive and to stop dancing around behind the line of scrimmage. Rees comes from the college ranks, Notre Dame and Alabama. The last time I looked both schools have produced very good tight ends the last couple of years. Cesaire is a brilliant hire and if you don’t believe me watch the wildcard game again. He turned an unknown DE, Jonathan Greenard into a Pro Bowl player. By the way, Greenard is only 26 years old and a free agent. Food for thought. The big concern amongst Browns fans is Ken Dorsey. I’m going to give the Browns a little leeway on this one. The Bills were 5-5 when he was fired, but they were number two in total offense at the same time. Maybe if their quarterback quit throwing interceptions Dorsey would still be there. Will he call plays? If the Browns hire a QB coach, then he will. He did turn Cam Newton into an MVP quarterback. Let’s hope he can do the same with Watson.

As for a potential replacement for Callahan, the most logical choice is current assistant OL coach Scott Peters. He learned from Callahan and the players already respect him. Bobby Johnson has already worked with Dorsey in Buffalo, so there’s a link. The team did interview Andy Dickerson for OC. He was the running game coordinator/ OL coach for the Seahawks. Finally, some in the local media are suggesting Mike Munchak, but his name has yet to come up within the Browns organization.

The Browns will introduce Ken Dorsey on Monday morning at 11:00 am EST. Tune in. Stay safe and Go Browns.


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