The reports are that multiple Browns players yelled “come get me” to the Arizona Cardinals sideline towards the end of Sunday’s game, including star wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Coming from Mike Silver, a huge Cleveland Browns hater because of his friendship with former head coach Hue Jackson, these reports should be taken with a grain of salt.

Despite the fact that the Browns were complete garbage in Arizona, let’s remember that it’s the Cardinals. With the win over Baker Mayfield and company, their record is now 4-9-1.

It’s not like this team is a Super Bowl contender and it would make sense for a player to want to be on the opposition.

Yes, the weather is nice. However, these are football players that have the money to train in any location they want for the majority of the year. Thus, I would not use that in my reasoning, either.

My thinking is that this is either a load of BS, or these were shouted out in jest, as a joke just to get people talking. Of course, this year has been a complete disappointment, but our players (if this is true) should not be such cry babies each and every week.

Since their return in 1999, the Browns have not had much success. Regardless, I feel that this is one of the most historic and successful franchises of all-time and it should be an honor to don the orange and brown. Crying for another team to “come get you” is disrespectful to the organization, especially as star players that the fan-base loves.

Look, this season is essentially all but over.

What I fail to understand is why everyone is acting like there isn’t another season, then another and another. Not every dynasty is built in one year and that’s not to make excuses for the poor performances this year. It simply means that there will be more opportunities for success as the years go on and players should not be crying to get traded or released.

Again, let me finish this article by saying that these reports might be completely false and simply Mike Silver trying to stir the pot. If that is the case, I apologize.

There is a wide receiver that was on the other side in the Arizona game in Larry Fitzgerald. A man that is not only talented, but he has been a complete class-act for his entire career. I wish our receivers and other players carried themselves in the same way.

Maybe this team would see more success…

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