Collin Sexton continues to mature and find his footing in a fast-paced league. It looks like, however, that Sexton will have a valuable teacher going forward. With the acquisition of Matthew Dellavedova, Sexton will still start for Cleveland, but he’ll have a teammate that has battled to make it in this competitive league and has been to the mountaintop.

Collin Sexton slid into the starting gig permanently after George Hill was traded last weekend and while he’s thrived since the trade, his improvement came before the recent trade. Hill had struggled with the injury bug in the month of November and while the trade talks on the team were centralized around Kyle Korver and JR Smith at the start of the season, it wasn’t entirely known if the Wine and Gold would eventually ship Hill out of The Land. Before being traded, George had appeared in only three games since November 5th and Sexton averaged 16.1 points per game that same month.

Hill’s Month of November

Sexton’s Month of November

Sexton was called out by veteran teammates during the first month of the season that he didn’t know how to play at the NBA level, but he’s responded with an absolute scorching month of November and an already impressive looking month of December. Since Hill’s last game as a starter on November 5th, Sexton has scored in double-digits every single game since the 7th. Sexton was ready for his chance to make an impact, but no one had predicted that his time would come this early in the season.

The leadership at the guard position going into the season wasn’t the greatest, JR Smith has become a cry-baby and has taken time to step away from the team in their current struggles. George Hill has never been labeled a leader and that leaves you with Rodney Hood and Jordan Clarkson who are both still relatively young. Sexton has lacked a supporting voice at his position and Delly will fill that void.

Delly will provide some minutes off the bench and would only start in the event of a Sexton injury, but the biggest plus is that he will provide Sexton support off the bench and will fill Cleveland’s gaping hole at the backup guard position. Giving Sexton a better backup option will ease his transition to becoming an everyday starter in the association. Sexton would compete every day to keep the starting gig over Hill but with Hill gone and a veteran Delly being the backup, his role as the starter is cemented.

Delly and Sexton’s skillsets are similar in many ways. Both play with a reckless abandon on the defensive end, this was one of the things that helped Sexton get into the NBA and you can say the same thing for Delly who built his career of the grit and effort that he displayed every night on the court.

Dellavedova wasn’t toted for his shooting coming into the league, but he’s developed a respectable shooting touch from beyond the arc and more notably has added the floater to his toolbelt. You can see the already improved shooting touch for Sexton, defenders sagged off him at the start of the season but now defenders are more vigilant while defending Young Bull.

Delly’s role is different this time around in Cleveland.

Coming into the league during the 2013-2014 season, Delly backed up Kyrie for all of his original stint in Cleveland and he learned what he could behind Irving. Delly came into the league at the age of 23 and made a name for himself and earned a lucrative contract with the Milwaukee Bucks. This time around, at the age of 28, he will become the teacher for a rookie point guard.

Photo Via: Gus Chan (The Plain Dealer)

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