The Browns are in the midst of a wide ranging coaching search. One of the many candidates is Nick Sirianni, who is the offensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts this season. He has been an assistant coach in the NFL since 2009 working at different spots on the offensive side of the ball. Interestingly enough, for all the people who are looking for “the next Sean McVay,” to be the next Browns coach, Sirianni might be that.

Sirianni is 37 years old and went to college at the University of Mount Union in Ohio. In 2004 and 2005 he coached at Mount Union before moving on to another college job at IUP. Then in 2009 he made the jump to the NFL. He worked for both Todd Haley and Romeo Crennel with the Kansas City Chiefs and then for Mike McCoy and Anthony Lynn with the San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers. With both the Chiefs and Chargers he survived a coaching change which is not what typically occurs. Obviously, the new coaches, Crennel and Lynn saw something in Sirianni to keep him aboard.

In 2014 and 2015, while working for McCoy in San Diego, he worked as QB coach with Frank Reich as offensive coordinator. Sirianni worked closely with Reich forging a good relationship, which would prove to be beneficial later in their careers. Also, he got to work up close with Chargers QB Phillip Rivers, a fiery and productive quarterback.

After working for the Chargers, he got a job offer from his old buddy Frank Reich, the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. With the Colts, Sirianni got the chance to work with another top level quarterback in Andrew Luck. The Colts offensive rankings this season are very good. They are 5th in points scored, 7th in total yards and 6th in passing yards. The rushing attack is not as highly ranked, but some of that can be attributed to injuries.

For the Browns, the most important part of the job is how a coach will deal with QB Baker Mayfield. For Sirianni, having worked with two of the top quarterbacks in Rivers and Luck gives me hope that he would do well imparting knowledge on Baker. The only real concern with Sirianni (and it should be a concern with every candidate) is who will he round out his staff with? Are there any members of the current regime he would keep? While we will not find out the answer to that, unless he gets hired, it will be an important question from GM John Dorsey and the answer may be the deciding factor on who gets the job.

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