Okay, to save us the drama, I’m not going to get into stats because this article would be longer than it needs to be. Yes, the Buckeyes won, 42-35, and continue a now 26-game win streak against Indiana. What I want everyone to focus on is something else.. the game itself.

Yes, the Buckeyes did what they do best and outscored the Hoosiers, but let’s give credit where it’s due. The Hoosiers played defense against QB Justin Fields and the Buckeyes offense. Something that no other opponent had done up until this point. Now before you readers yell at me please understand that I have to be honest and call it how I see it.

Indiana is a GOOD team!

Not better than the Buckeyes, but this year they will more than likely be the 3rd-best team in the Big 10. That’s saying a lot considering they have the resume to go along with it beating Penn State, that team up north(UM), and that team up north’s little brother(MSU). Teams they don’t beat very often.

Keep in mind that the Hoosier cause Buckeye QB Justin Fields to throw three interceptions. Previously, I had said that the Hoosiers had to stop the Buckeyes from scoring. That was a hard-pressed job.

Make no mistake about it. The Big 10 is arguably the most competitive conference this year by far. Today’s game showed it. The Buckeyes are now battle-tested and will learn from this game. With this win, the Buckeyes are virtually a lock to win the division and coast into the Big 10 Title Game assuming they can finish out the rest of their schedule. Arguably seeing the best defense they will see all season until that time in December.

Next week, the Buckeyes travel to Champaign, Illinois to face the Fighting Illini in the ” BATTLE OF ILLIBUCK” RIVALRY. For those that don’t know, I will give the back story on the rivalry later this week.

FINAL PREDICTION: Possible trap, but the Buckeyes learn from the Indiana game and come out and own the Illini. 45-10 Buckeyes!!

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