Cleveland’s Own Rally Possum

Hey, Cleveland.

Writing for Cleveland Sports Talk is a privilege that leads to some interesting opportunities. None have been more interesting than my recent chance to do an exclusive Q. & A. with one of the unsung heroes of our victory over the New York Jets. None other than Cleveland’s very own magical marsupial – the Rally Possum.

In case you missed it, the Rally Possum was minding his own business and enjoying the game, when a fan unceremoniously plopped him in a box and removed him from First Energy Stadium. This brought instant fame to our possum, who is now known as a good luck charm to many.

Clearly, there are no hard feelings, as Rally Possum kindly agreed to a brief interview with me.

Q. I would guess that many fans, myself included, did not know you were in First Energy Stadium prior to the Thursday Night Football game. Is this your permanent residence, or were you just there for the game?
RP–FE Stadium is my home away from home. I especially love game days because I get to help myself to all the leftover food people leave behind. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Q. You have become a symbol for the Cleveland Brown’s newest era, has the celebrity status changed your life in any way or are you the same possum you have always been?
RP–Sometimes things happen for a reason. Although I was upset having to miss the rest of the game, I felt the love and embrace from all the Browns’ fans. My possum family knows the real me and keeps me humble. Although, some of my friends pretend to be me for free stuff because most humans can’t tell us apart.

Q. As the new mascot in town, do you sense any animosity between yourself and the other team mascots, Chomps, Brownie the Elf, and Swagger, or does a shared love of the team smooth over the rough edges of what could become contentious relationships?
RP–Yes there are many of us, but the Browns’ fan base is so huge and starving for success. If we can all come together and pool our energy, we can have an exciting year in Cleveland.

Q. Have you negotiated any contract with the Browns, or must we fear the thought of you taking your talents to Pittsburgh?
RP–I would rather be best friends with a raccoon than go to Pittsburgh. The Browns haven’t offered a contract, but I would take a simple follow on Twitter first.

There you have it, straight from the possum…he loves the team and the city just as much as the rest of us. I really hope he finds his way to First Energy before the upcoming game against the Baltimore Ravens. A little extra luck never hurt anyone.  A big THANK YOU to our Rally Possum for agreeing to this Q.&A. Why not take a second and give the Rally Possum a follow? The “why humans are weird” series is pretty funny.
Browns Rally Possum @BrownsRally

Image Credit: Sports Illustrated, Twitter-used with permission

Video Credit: CBS

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