Justin Gilbert, Drafted Round 1 pick 8 in the 2014 NFL Draft

To explain how bad the Justin Gilbert pick was, you must remember that when he was selected 8th overall in 2014, the next nine available players all became Pro-Bowlers. This illustrious group includes 9th overall pick and four-time Pro-Bowl linebacker Anthony Barr; 12th Overall Pick, three-time Pro-Bowl Receiver and new Cleveland Brown Odell Beckham Jr; 13th Overall Pick and former two-time Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donald; and 15th Overall Pick and two-time Pro-Bowler Ryan Shazier. The Browns whiffed hard on Gilbert who they thought would pair well with Joe Haden as a dynamic duo. Boy, they were wrong; Gilbert never produced like he did at Oklahoma State and traded for a sixth-round pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers where he was cut just a year later. While many will look back on 2014 as the year of Manziel, many forget the absolute beasts we passed on to get Justin Gilbert.

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